People Mobility Solution

People Mobility Solution (PMS)

Productivity of any organization depends on its effectiveness in putting the right people in the right place at the right time. Besides, an organization also has to safeguard its physical assets.
We offer an adaptive, modular, scalable and function-rich solution designed to enhance the productivity of companies/organizations.

Time Attendance

Pay based on Actual Working Hours not Scheduled Time, Reduce HR Time by Avoiding Manual Attendance Management

Reduce Salary Bills by Calculating Actual Overtime Hours, Track Employee Movement and Handle Exception in Real‐Time, Pay Salary on Time with Accurate and Fast Attendance Data and Payroll Integration

Visitor Management

Visitor pre‐registration, Visitor database, Visitor access rights, Customized visitor pass, Send an SMS or email notification to the visitor and host

Customized visitor pass, Manage visitor using online portal, Visitor reports

Job Processing and Costing

Track Work Hours of a Single Employee or Department, Replace Manual Management of Job through Automatic Solution, Track Project Progress and Cost

Monitor Multi-location Job from a Central Location, Track the Amount of Unit Produced, SMS or E-Mail Notifications to Employer if Target not Achieved, Monitor Real-time-Attendance of Employees with Job View

Employee Self Service

For Employee: Mark Attendance, View Shifts and Schedules, Visitor Pre‐Registration, Apply for Leave,Edit Personal Information e.t.c

For Reporting Officers: Approve Leave Request, Approve Pre‐Registration, Authorized Attendance, Plan Shifts and Schedules, and View Team Attendance

Cafeteria Management

Create items and menu, Menu schedule, Prepaid and postpaid user accounts, Blocked users when consumption has exceeded their pre‐fixed limits

Printer connectivity to generate food bill, Export data to 3rd party payroll and billing software, Informative Reports

Contract Workers Management

Creating work orders and assign them to contractors, Biometric and RF card based devices for attendance marking, Access control for workers

Flexible Time‐Attendance Policies, Shifts, Overtime Policies, Web based Contractor Portal, E‐mail and SMS notifications, Integration with 3rd party applications, Reports and charts

Access Control

Restrict Unauthorized Access in Secured Area, User Access on Advance Biometric Technology, Restrict User Access based on User, Zone and Time

Require Advance Access Control Features, Centralized Monitoring and Control, Real‐Time Notifications on Exception, Integrate with Video Surveillance and other Devices

Roster Management

Employee profile creation, Auto roster creation, Notifications via SMS and E‐mail

Shift pattern and shift matrix, Workforce analysis reports, Multi‐week forecasting and budgeting