Event Digital Registration

Event Digital Registration

Event Digital Registration System

Event Digital Registration delivers a great on-site checking in experience for your event attendees. Our solution scales to any size event and volume of traffic whether you are serving 80 attendees or 20,000.

Our goal as a technology provider for events is to enable our customers to:


“Identify qualified leads at the lowest possible operating costs while measuring the revenue impact of your event marketing efforts.”


More specifically, we want our customers to know and appropriately act upon answers to the following questions:

  • Who registered to attend?
  • Who actually attended?
  • Where did attendees go?
  • What did attendees think, is there an identified renewed interest?


We are able to achieve this through our world class Event Digital Registration Service. Some of the rich features of this solution include:

  • Kiosk or concierge supported branded touch screen devices
  • Pre-register attendees
  • Send Email with QR codes to attendees for faster Check in
  • Works offline and online
  • On demand badge printing with QR codes
  • On demand attendee reporting
  • Session tracking by badge scanners
  • Session counts and demographics
  • Control access to paid sessions and events
  • Control room limits by attendance
  • Control access by attendee type
  • Collect feedback and generate reports
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